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We work with companies and people

Who are we?

We love what we do and
put our heart and soul
into our work. We are involved in every project

on 100%



Staging of full turn-key shows starting from an idea sketched on a napkin to 100% implementation. The script, music, choreography, direction, costumes and props, special effects and scenery, multimedia video content...
We treat each your event seriously and ensure top quality whether it's an office party or a big event like the Oscars, FIFA or Olympics opening ceremony or a Broadway show.
  • Companies
  • Event agencies
  • Artists, celebrities
  • Private clients
  • Directors
  • Investors
  • Producers

Anywhere in the world

  • In the concert hall
  • On the stadium
  • On the arena
  • On the stage
  • On the liner
  • Out in the open


We can talk on the phone and arrange a meeting at any moment. We will ask questions to make sure we understand the task, outline our view of the future event, and present a more detailed concept note in 2-3 days.

We are not an assembly line or a show production facility; each project is at least 90% unique and requires thorough work with full commitment. We can specify the timescale only taking into account the workload on other projects at the moment of inquiry.

We are usually booked 1-3 months in advance, so if you have tight deadlines - please, contact us as soon as you can.


We look at our work from different perspectives, keep in mind the goals of the event and the financial returns, think of the audience's safety, take into account modern tendencies and know how to make sure there will be no negative feedback, such as "can't see anything," "the stage is too small," "doesn't live up to expectations," "boring," "the music is too loud," "the plot is too complicated and hard to understand," "I hope it'll be over soon so I can leave."

We also remember the viewers on the other side of the screen, think through and minimize various risks to ensure the show goes without a hitch.

Show philosophy

The show has to submerge the audience
in emotions and tell a story
through light, sound, moves...

For us an artist is a professional guide of the audience in the palette of feelings and emotions.

Подпись происходящего на фото
Подпись происходящего на фото

Working on the show is an exciting process that fills us with energy and gives us a chance to create amazing projects

We will do an artistic rendering of your ideas, filling the show with value and vivid experiences


We like creating something new, going beyond the limits of existing genres and formats

We control the viewer's attention, guiding them along the route as planned



  • Do you perform abroad?

    There are no limits for creativity. We do shows all over the world. Last year, the brightest performances took place in Germany, England, Turkey, India, Kazakhstan etc.

  • What is the price of a performance?

    Each performance is individual and depends on the task. The price is affected by a number of factors, such as: the number of performers, the duration of the performance, whether we will be staging a new performance or doing one from our prepared list, costume design, multimedia performance, interaction with the screen, interactive part, etc.

  • Are there ready costumes?

    We have both ready costumes and a costume designer who can develop and create custom outfits.

  • What styles do you use?

    The idea is always at the heart of the performance, and the choreography can be created in any style. Our own preference is experimental contemporary, though.

  • Can your dancers tour several times a month?

    We are open to suggestions. We can perform even several times a day.

  • Are there ideas and project open for investment?

    We regularly get great ideas, so we've got quite a few of those. There are show concepts and scripts ready for implementation. We have staged 6 shows on one of the best European platforms - Leningrad Center. Investing in us, you will be able to see Broadway in your city.

  • What is the cooperation process like?

    There is nothing easier than starting to work with us. You leave a request with your requirements, then we contact you and make arrangements for a meeting in person (or via Skype if we are in different countries). Then, concept development — approval — upfront payment — real creative work — performance — happiness.

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